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"VANOM is set for greatness."


- Backseat Mafia -

VANOM is Jean-Marc Schuwey, a Swiss composer, singer and architect. 

While traveling through Italy VANOM met Oscar Solorzano, a Peruvian rock guitarist. Shortly after meeting, they began playing in the streets of Florence.  They drew such a large crowd that traffic was literally stopped and the police put an end to their performance. 

Inspired by the energy of this collaboration, they decided to travel together across the country, all the while writing songs. 

After Solorzano’s return to Peru, VANOM started producing material with Swiss musician Cedric Egli. This collaboration gave to the project a new sound with a dramatic touch. 

The VANOM debut album "Stranger Masquerade" was released January 15, 2021 by Syndicol Music London.

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